290-131014_Andala_the_Hooper11315-WebI’m Ngaire (Ni-a-re) Leighton and I am Anndala the Hooper. Anndala is a fusion of the Sanskrit word mandala and my middle name Anne.  Anndala is the place where the feminine energy and sacred geometry of hula hoops come together with dance, performance and passion for life.


My background and love of dance combined with my desire for self-expression was ignited when a hula hoop entered my life.  Hula hooping has and continues to be a journey of expansion and creativity. Quite simply hula hooping makes my soul soar.


With a passion for sharing and desire to show people just how awesome they truly are I teach hoop dance. I combine movement, dance and play to create classes that inspire self-expression and foster learning.


I Love to Perform, I love to Teach, I love to Create.  I love to connect and collaborate with people everywhere. I love working with artists, event organisers and everyday folk adding a touch of hula flair to your day, event, party and to your life.


So come jump in the hoop and join the spin.

Hoop Love


Anndala the Hooper

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